The Great Outdoors

The great outdoors, a far away place for some. I enjoy the great outdoors. I love to camp, swim, walk, boat, hunt, fish, .... I have grown up watching my mother work in the garden during the summer and I have decided that now is the time for me to follow her lead and continue to enjoy the great outdoors in a new way. My mother has decided to completely tear out her flower gardens this year. If you knew my mother, you would understand that next year she will spend countless hours and money recreating these flower gardens. If mom isn't going to have beautiful flowers for me to sit and look at I am going to have to put in the labor and create my own oasis. Come along for the ride and see how a true novice makes it this year in the flower garden. Who knows, maybe I will even try vegetables next year.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ask & You Shall Receive

Yes in my last post I was complaining about all of the dry weather and then either that day or the next day the rains came.
My impatients are in the ground and doing pretty good. The marigolds that I planted in the pots are really suffering. I think that I should have used Miracle Grow potting soil for that instead of the cheap stuff. They are still a little green and there are a few blooms. The begonia is doing quite well in it's pot. The little pink blooms are gorgeous. The Wandering Jew that I bought is doing well, I do recommend these because they are a great plant that needs little care. The vines that I transplanted from my mother's are starting to spread more around the bottom of the tree in the front yard. This vine doesn't climb very well, but is awesome ground cover. This plant is very hearty and doesn't need much care either. I have not been able to set out the crape myrtles that I boght yet. I had to let the grass and weeds die from the round-up before I was even able to think about planting. Now that will have to wait about a week since I have to clean out the area and will be out of town. I know that when I get back next week I will have a great deal of catching up to do. I honestly don't think that it will be that bad because I hope to be refreshed and ready to dig in, literally.
I am leaving today to go visit my sister and hopefully the plants will still be looking good when I get back. I gave them a good dose of Miracle Grow and a good watering this morning. My lovely husband will be staying at home and if he gets the urge he might give them a drink while I am gone.
I am really happy with the look of my front yard right now. I am planning on putting out some fall plants when that rolls around. I think that mums would be quite nice. I will probably keep the fall plants to planters so that I won't have to mess up my beds. I love fall but have never thought about plants for that time of year, this should be fun!

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