The Great Outdoors

The great outdoors, a far away place for some. I enjoy the great outdoors. I love to camp, swim, walk, boat, hunt, fish, .... I have grown up watching my mother work in the garden during the summer and I have decided that now is the time for me to follow her lead and continue to enjoy the great outdoors in a new way. My mother has decided to completely tear out her flower gardens this year. If you knew my mother, you would understand that next year she will spend countless hours and money recreating these flower gardens. If mom isn't going to have beautiful flowers for me to sit and look at I am going to have to put in the labor and create my own oasis. Come along for the ride and see how a true novice makes it this year in the flower garden. Who knows, maybe I will even try vegetables next year.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Procrastination Strikes Again!

I don't know if I have revealed this to any of you yet or not, but my biggest fault is procrastination.  I just always put stuff off till the very last minute.  I told you that I would make a plan for my flower garden and post pictures and I still haven't done that.  Tomorrow is supposed to be nice and cloudy= awesome day for photos. Seriously, cloudy days are really good for photos.  Since I was a good wife and mowed the yard today it will look nice in the shots, too.  I really do love mowing the yard.  It had been 9 days since the last mow and with the rain that we got last week it really needed a buzz.  I would have done this Friday afternoon but we decided about 5PM Friday to go away for the weekend and see my in-laws.  I enjoy going to see them because they live about 20 minutes from downtown St.Louis.  I enjoy the city so very much.  We didn't get back until late, late Sunday night and I decided to do absolutely nothing on Monday, so the lawn got mowed today.

My mother and I have not devised a plan for this vegetable garden that she was so excited about planting a month ago.  She says we will wait till next week and work on it then.  I am foreseeing price tags in our future.  I am guessing that she will wait until it is too late to plant seeds and just purchase plants from the local high school agriculture department plant sale.  She will claim that it is nice to have the money go to the school.  It is nice, but I would rather buy other plants there, like my annuals for my flower beds.  Aaahhhh.....we shall see how this all works out.

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